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Ar8600 инструкция на русском

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Memory Channel Overview Manual Setting Of Step Инструкция Moving The Marker Correcting Frequency Input Additional Инструкция Facilities Deleting Search Banks Edit Move Memory Channel Delete Bank "j Memory Bank Write Protect Delete Select Scan Channels Optional Slot Cards Vfo Search Delay Edit Copy Memory Channel русском Defining Vfo Search Config Opening Message Global Write Protect Summary Of Keys Attention While Operating Ar8600 Lighter Lead Fitting The Slot Card Take Care Of Your Radio Short Cut Text Entry Config Auto Power Русском Optional Internal Battery bp Engaging Priority Channel Slot Card Socket Output And Spectrum Display Programming A Search Bank Vfo Auto Ar8600 Selection Of Search Bank Soft Reset Of Microprocessor Charging The Optional Bp Battery Marker To Strongest Signal peak Search Short Cut Keys

Selecting Ar8600 Scan Bank Scan receive Mode Starting The Band Scope Short Cut Text Entry Defining Vfo Search Short Cut Menu Access Vfo Quick Memory Connect The Aerial antenna Keypad And Knobs Edit Copy Memory Channel Summary Of Keys Changing Priority Interval Time инструкция Receive Mode Selection Детский народный лечебник Г.

Н. Ужегов Edit Ar8600 Protect Select Scan Environment Take Care Of Your Radio Memory Channel Write Protect Channel Protect Delete Deleting Single Memory Channels Additional Scan Facilities Moving The Marker Starting Program Search Engaging Priority Channel Marker To Strongest Signal peak Search инструкция Config Global Русском Protect Vfo Delete Bank "j Exit From Band Scope Deleting Search Banks Memory Channel Overview Slot Русском Socket Config Freq Disp Changing Receive Mode Another Example Of Memory Write Vfo Environment Menu